Barrowlands park

I asked who funded it? How much did it cost? What is it’s long term future?

Very quick reply was-:

Hi, have spoken to the ABC Team. It was funded through Glasgow City Council, was part of the Velocity Public Art Programme and supported by Action Barras Calton. It was an area identified as part of the Calton regeneration plan as a stalled space which they wanted to improve. We will speak to some partners and get the full cost of the improvements works. This was always planned to be a temporary space as the land is made up of local authority and private ownership, it is our understanding that an application may be submitted to the council next year to build some flats as per a previous planning application which had lapsed, however, like many temp space improvements it could be two years or ten years like other sites which had plans but where nothing came to fruitition. We hope it will be there for sometime but whatever happens the public art would be relocated to another site in the local area.

Any other questions we will be happy to try and answer.


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